Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's Vent Our Frustrations!

As an independent voter, I am very frustrated with the current presidential race. In this critical juncture of our nation's history, we need to elect a strong, experienced and capable president to govern our country. However, the main stream media (MSM) has been playing favoritism amoung the candidates. In particular, the MSM has been extremely favorable towards Barack Obama. This is NOT a personal opinion. This favoritism is a FACT. A recent analysis of media coverage on this presidential campaign showed that Barack Obama received 86% positive coverage, while Hillary Clinton only received 56% positive coverage. These are the data of average coverage by all media outlets. Some media outlets have even more biased coverage. For example, MSNBC could be more than 90% positive on Barack Obama and less than 50% positive on Hillary Clinton. This type of extreme media bias reminds me of Russian election where Putin controlled media outlets practically prevented any potential challenges to his candidacy. It is painful and frustrating to watch media coverage of presidential campaigns.

For people who share the same frustration, let's discuss our opinions here on this blog. Let's talk about candidates' qualifications. Let's expose campaign's dirty tricks. Let's expose media favoritism. Let's make our voice be heard!

Rules of this blog are simple: No Profanity; No Racist and Sexist Talks; Be Civil.


At April 17, 2008 at 5:34 PM , Blogger timeforchange said...

Without any forethouht as to who Obama really is and what he stands for, he is being rammed down our throats as if he is the 2nd coming.

He may be. But the 2nd coming of what? Extreme socialism? Racism against whites? Hate for America (won't wear flag pin--listens to Wright)?

Who will he favor or from whom will he seek advice if he becomes president? Wright? Ayers? Rezko?

Even if he has nothing further to do with them (and we have no guarantee of that), he still has their ideas and ideals floating around in his head.

His actions SEEM to indicate that he does have some of Wright's ideas firmly ingrained.

He is also a lot of talk and no do:

voted present over 100 times in IL Senate

hasn' held a committee meeting on his important oversight committee he chairs.

voted incorrectly numerous times in the IL state legislature

Is rated one of the worst senators in the US senate in activity and voting

He is just not fit for the highest office in the land!


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