Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Pennsylvania Poeple Have Spoken

Hillary Won! It's time to dump Obama. We need to let the media and the Democrats know that we really ARE going to vote for McCain if Obama is nominated.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama Is Weak

Wednesday's debate once again demonstrated that Obama is a weak candidate. Newsweek has an analysis entitled "The Democrats’ Wimp Factor". Here is an excerpt:

"Between the questions about Obama's meager association with William Ayers, a former Weatherman, and the suspicions raised by his lack of a flag lapel pin, the likely nominee is slowly being turned into John Kerry. He is becoming, in other words, a candidate who may be mostly right about national security but who will lack the Red State street cred to carry his point—and the election."

People are starting to recognize that Obama is a problem coming in November.... For complete article go HERE.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hillary Won!

Hillary won the debate. There is absolutely NO DOUBT. This debate fully demonstrated the strengh of the Clinton candidacy and the weakness of the Obama candidacy. Let's just forget Obama's "bitter" comments and close association with Rev. Wright for a moment, and focus on the discussions of the main issues. Mrs. Clinton's response to real issues questions were substantive, providing her solutions to the major challenges our country is facing. You may not agree with her solutions. But she did offerred her proposals. On the other hand, Obama's answers were NOT substantive. He had NO real proposals. He often spent most of his time describing the problems, rather than providing solutions. Indeed, he sometimes appeared reluctant to answer the questions directly, or even trying to avoid answering the questions. That watching his answering the questions reminded me of the movie "As Good As It Gets" where Jack Nicholson ran into trouble with his girlfriend and wanted advice from his neighbor. When the neighbor tried to put his situation in a different perspective, he shouted "I am drawning here, and you are describing the water!" Well, what Obama did during Wednesday's debate was "describing the water" while our nation is facing flood of troubles.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Obama Campaign is Bush-like

I am most troubled by Barack Obama's campaign tactics. His campaign has been engaged in negative attacks since the Philadelphia debate last October, when most media outlets encouraged him to go negative in order to catch up with Hillary Clinton's lead in national poll numbers. From that point on, his campaign started to engage in personal attacks on Clinton and her supporters--calling Hillary and the former president Bill Clinton racists. It was then when the African American voter began to turn against Hillary Clinton. Before Obama's attack, Hillary had at least 40% support among African Americans in the polls. That support disappeared after Obama played the race card. The attacks from the Obama campaign were vicious. While his surrogates engaged in spreading rumors and attacks, Obama pretended to play a role of "above of it all", projecting an image of positive figure, a tactic not unlike that of George W. Bush's attacks on John McCain in the 2000 election. Obama has certainly picked a group of "capable" people around him----doing the dirty work for him.

Another aspect about Obama that is very Bush-like is his lack of decumented accomplishments in public services. He has made no significant political contribution both as a state senator in Illinois and a US senator. The main stream media has basically ignored this, instead focusing on his speeches that generated enthusiasm among young voters. The media sometimes has essentially become Obama's propaganda machine. If one take a closer look at Obama speeches, one finds much of his talks were without substance, much like Bush's speeches. Not critically evaluating Obama's speehes, the MSM has lost their credibility.

I am however much encouraged by the wills of people to elect a truly qualified president. In almost all primary elections (where people can truly exercise their voting rights), Hillary has come up on top. The democratic party should NOT be allowed to ignore the votes in Michigan and Florida. If they do, their nominee should not be considered legitimate.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Democratic Party Disappoints Me

I had fully intended to vote for a democrate president in this election. This country needs a change of direction. However, as the campaign is shaping up now, I have developed second thoughts about the democratic party. The democratic party is practicing undemocratic policy, depriving the rights of the people of Michigan and Florida to vote, simply because some party leaders in those states broke party rules. The few party leaders want to "decide" how to distribute delegates rather than counting people's votes. This makes you think twice about being in a demoractic country, doesn't it?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's Vent Our Frustrations!

As an independent voter, I am very frustrated with the current presidential race. In this critical juncture of our nation's history, we need to elect a strong, experienced and capable president to govern our country. However, the main stream media (MSM) has been playing favoritism amoung the candidates. In particular, the MSM has been extremely favorable towards Barack Obama. This is NOT a personal opinion. This favoritism is a FACT. A recent analysis of media coverage on this presidential campaign showed that Barack Obama received 86% positive coverage, while Hillary Clinton only received 56% positive coverage. These are the data of average coverage by all media outlets. Some media outlets have even more biased coverage. For example, MSNBC could be more than 90% positive on Barack Obama and less than 50% positive on Hillary Clinton. This type of extreme media bias reminds me of Russian election where Putin controlled media outlets practically prevented any potential challenges to his candidacy. It is painful and frustrating to watch media coverage of presidential campaigns.

For people who share the same frustration, let's discuss our opinions here on this blog. Let's talk about candidates' qualifications. Let's expose campaign's dirty tricks. Let's expose media favoritism. Let's make our voice be heard!

Rules of this blog are simple: No Profanity; No Racist and Sexist Talks; Be Civil.